Our 100% grass-fed, cream line milk is available directly from the farm and from select local retailers.

What is Cream Line Milk?

Cream line milk is milk that is allowed to be milk. Our milk is pasteurized, but not homogenized.

Homogenization is the process by which the cream in the milk is permanently blended to the body of the milk, eliminating the separation of “creamline” that is characeristic of fresh from the farm milk. The process of homogenization uses very high pressure to break down the cream/fat molecules into particles so small that they dissolve into the rest of the milk. they lose buoyancy and cream will no longer rise to the top of the milk.

Pasteurization Plant

Our low temperature vat pasteurization process (145 degrees for 30 minutes) doesn’t cook the milk; so the taste, quality and health benefits of our milks are noticeably better, just as nature intended them to be. The milk from our cows is free of synthetic growth hormones, including rBST, pesticides, herbicides, animal by-products and antibiotics. We follow organic rules but are not certified.

Why is Grass Fed more healthful?

Our cows are 100% Grass-Fed. Their milk has 5 times the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid the “good” fatty acid) than conventional or organic grain fed cows. It has been shown to offer a host of health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, strengthening the immune system, lowering insulin resistance and enhancing muscle growth. It’s pretty amazing and wonderful stuff, and best consumed in a natural form, such as milk from grass-fed cows. Their milk is also super high in omega 3 and carotene. To learn more about these benefits please visit the web site

All our milk comes from our own grass fed cows, and we are the only family owned and operated 100% grass fed dairy and processing facility in New Hampshire.

We milk our own cows, then pasteurize and bottle our own milk (White, Chocolate, and Coffee) and deliver it fresh to locally owned grocery stores, produce and fruit stands, and co-ops.

Retail outlets interested in carrying our products may contact us at